About installation method of track word

Q. Is it expensive to use Trackward?
A. It can be used free of charge, including tag generation and keyword analysis.
Q. I can’t install it on my blog.
A. Please refer here. ⇒ How to install “track word”
Q. Can I use any blog service?
A. It cannot be used with blog services that do not support javascript.
Please check if javascript (script tag) can be pasted in the service you are currently using.

An example of a blog service that can be introduced:
Q. Is there a way to register multiple blogs?
A. You can register up to 5 sites per account. Add the address on the setting screen.
If you want to use it on more than 6 sites, please add a new account and use it.
Click here for details ⇒ RSS way “To manage multiple blogs / homepages”

Q. Can I only install a blog?
A. TrackWord can be used not only on blogs but also on regular homepages where Javascript can be used.

About keywords and searches

Q. I found that the search was performed using keywords that are unrelated to the content of the page. What should I do.
A. One of the reasons why a page is being searched by a search keyword is that the page contains the keyword in some way.
It is recommended that you delete unnecessary keywords or replace them with appropriate keywords if they appear in places such as titles that are highlighted.
Q. I want to display it higher in the search results. What should I do?
A. TrackWord also aggregates multi-word keywords for a search keyword.
Looking at keywords in multiple words, you can imagine what many users are looking for on that page.
Please think again from the viewpoint of the searched person whether it should really be displayed in the top of the search results with that keyword.
If the direction is correct, please try to improve the title displayed in the search results first.
I won’t go into detail here, but I think it’s basically important to write one article for one purpose.
Q. I’m doing a lot of searches for a keyword but it doesn’t appear in the ranking
A. Ranking excludes searches within the site, searches only on cache pages, and continuous searches from the same IP.
Therefore, keywords that are searched a lot in the access log may not be displayed in the ranking.
Q. I put a tag on my blog, but the search keyword is not displayed.
A. After installing TrackWord, when each page is referenced from the search result screen of a search site (Google, Yahoo, etc.), the keyword of the search site is recorded, aggregated every day, and the keyword is displayed. As the specifications are updated, keywords will be displayed from the day after the date accessed from the search result screen of the search site.

For detailed search contents, log in to TrackWord and check the keyword analysis page.
Q. A strange keyword is displayed on one page. How can I delete it?
A. The page is actually searched for with such keywords, so first try deleting the related characters so that the page is not searched with such keywords.
If you want to delete the keyword immediately, you can delete it from the “Page Management” menu after logging in.