How to install “track word”

When you use “track word”, you
need to paste the description created by “Tag generation” to your blog.

Introduction of installation method on blog
・Installation on “So-net blog”
・Installation on “Yaplog!”
・Installation on “livedoor blog”
・Installation on “Seesaa blog”
・Dricom blog when installed in “

  • If installed in a” JUGEM “
  • If installed in a” Movable Type “

Timing of keyword reflection after installation
After installing the “track word”, when each page is referenced for the first time from the search result screen of the search site,
which keyword the search result came from is displayed.
After that, the access status is totaled every day and the keyword display is updated.

  • Notes on installation *
    If you
    can’t use the “script” tag when changing the customisation / blog parts in your blog, you cannot install “track word”.
    If you are unsure, please contact each blog service.