It is absolutely essential to improve the display of search engines in order to improve access to websites and blogs.
Unless most of our customers rely on PPC ads or social media such as Twitter or Facebook,
most websites should still rely on search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

Have you confirmed the search order of all keywords?

“Understanding and management of search order and index status
is essential for attracting customers and increasing access to the web.”

Recently, the terms content marketing and content SEO have become popular, and from the SEO measures to attach backlinks as before, Gradually, more and more SEO companies and websites are shifting their focus to creating content with natural links.

However, on the other hand, the term “content marketing” is misunderstood, and it is also true that the false perception that if you drop a large number of pages and articles, you can attract customers with a long tail and access can be improved.

In the long tail strategy that targets small keywords, the number of keywords to manage also becomes huge, so it
is easy to miss the search order check. However, if you can’t correctly analyze what keywords are used for high-ranking and what kind of search words are frequently used, it will be difficult to see what to do next.

In addition, even if you are getting tired from the power of backlinks, there
are few people who can manage the index status of satellite sites, search rankings, and the number of backlinks at target sites.
Therefore, we recommend this software “SEO Ranker Pro” that can perform search order check, index and link management together.

The internal company that manages a trackword of 1 million PV monthly is completely in-house developed!
Search order check software “SEO Ranker Pro”

This is a search order check software that simply contains the functions that web operators really want. The number of URL registrations and the number of keywords added is unlimited, and the search rankings of all sites are quickly checked up to 300th!

<Features of SEO Ranker Pro>

  1. Check the search ranking up to 300th with 3 search engines of Google, Yahoo and Bing
  2. The search result is automatically saved in csv. Also, a graph showing the transition of search rankings over the specified period
  3. Equipped with a periodic automatic search function, the search order is automatically checked at specified days and times
  4. Equipped with an automatic mail sending function after checking the search order! All you have to do is check your email in the daily routine
  5. Equipped with a site diagnostic function, you can see the total number of domain indexes and backlinks!
  6. Easy-to-understand group function makes it easy to register large numbers of sites and add keywords!
SEO Ranker Pro jacket image

Simplify work with regular automatic search! Furthermore, the detailed functions that I really wanted were also fulfilled!

It is a difficult task to spend a busy time every day and check the search ranking with a huge number of keywords and URLs.
With SEO Ranker Pro, if your computer is running, it will automatically check the search order on the specified days and times.
Furthermore, since the search result is automatically notified by e-mail, even if you are not in front of your PC,
just check the e-mail on your smartphone to complete the search order check for the day.

Tool setting screen

SEO Ranker Pro is recommended for such people

  • Those who operate websites with more than 10,000 PV per month
  • Those who operate many multiple sites with more than 30 sites
  • Those who practice long tail SEO strategy
  • Those who have a large number of satellite sites
  • Those who have not confirmed or managed the search order of detailed keywords
  • Those who have checked the search order by browser one by one
  • Those who want to check the daily search results only by email notification of automatic delivery


14,800 yen (tax included)

・ Software fee is paid once. It is not an annual renewal, so once you purchase it, you can use it forever.
-It supports various payment methods such as bank transfer, postal transfer, cash on delivery, online bank, and Japan Post Bank.
・ For questions and inquiries about software , please use this inquiry form .
・ Sales format is download version only. Please check here for delivery and delivery .
・ For other matters, please also refer to the ” Notation of Specified Commercial Transaction Law “.

Operating environment and warranty conditions

We guarantee that it can be used with all the OSs that our company has confirmed the operation of and is listed in the correspondence table.
The warranty period is one year from the purchase. If it does not work, please contact us by e-mail at the contact number given in the manual and apply for the operation check in writing. As soon as you contact us, we will check the operation in our test environment.

We will refund the price if it is determined that it is due to a defect in SEO Ranker Pro and there is no prospect of improvement due to software improvement even after the period from the application above. Please note that the time required to respond may vary due to the versatility of the software.

In addition, if we determine that the cause is attributable to the environment, such as the problem reproducing only in the customer’s environment, the warranty is not covered. * Please comply with the terms and conditions of each site before using. The warranty covers only when the PC is started with administrator privileges and the settings of SEO Ranker Pro are not applied. Please understand in advance.