To those who wish to delete the page of Trackword

If you would like to delete the page, please read the following guidelines and contact us from the deletion request form.

Please read first

Trackword is a service that analyzes the search keywords of websites and blogs where Trackword is installed. Also, on the TrackWord site, we automatically introduce web pages that describe search keywords.

Therefore, there is no direct relationship between the linked web page and Trackword. Please contact the owner of each website for the content of the web pages
introduced by Trackward. You cannot edit or delete the contents by contacting Trackward.

Page deletion guidelines

  • Those that violate personal privacy or trade secrets
  • Contains discriminatory expressions
  • Things that may cause defamation
  • Information that will be lost to a third party
     due to disclosure (contents that violate copyright, serial code or password that is originally charged)
  • Anything that acts as an inducement or intermediary for illegal activities
  • Open to the public
     (including the names of public figures, people performing entertainment and creative activities, parties involved in some event, convicted criminals, etc.)
  • Information worth
  • Those with a public interest
  • There is no relation between the content of the page and the content of the web page introduced in the page and the reason for deletion.

About requesting page deletion

We accept deletion requests only from the dedicated form.
Please fill in the following items in the “Content” field in the form and send.

  • URL of the page you want to delete
  • Reason for deletion (please specify the specific reason, such as privacy infringement or content that will be lost)

* If the deletion guideline does not determine that the page is to be deleted, the page cannot be deleted.
 In addition, we cannot contact you with details such as the reason for the judgment.
* It may take some time to delete the page due to system limitations. Please note.