“Track word” specifications

The “track word” is a mechanism that uses javascript to acquire and display the keywords searched for on each page of the blog.

Access log analysis engine specifications

Supported search engineGoogle, Yahoo, MSN, Live.com, goo, excite, biglobe, infoseek, ask, livedoor, nifty, fresheye, aol, alltheweb
Google, Yahoo etc. When there is a cache page in the search results, when only the cache page is displayed Also gets search keywords.
Google is compatible with almost all languages ​​such as google.co.jp and google.com, as well as many new search engines such as Google Blog Search. (Similar to other multilingual search engines).
access logIt also supports multi-word search by keyword and page aggregation up to the previous day
. You can also follow the search results page.
Aggregation can be done for any period up to one month. You can also see aggregates up to the last 90 days.
Deliver search status via RSSWe will deliver the number of hits each day when the newly written article is searched for the first time, by RSS.
The access log is a piece of information that is difficult to see customarily.
The number of hits every day and the “pages searched for the first time” are distributed via RSS, so you can easily grasp the search status.
Search keywordThe search keyword supports only “Japanese”. In addition, all uppercase letters, double-byte alphanumeric characters, single-byte kana, etc. will be formatted into single-byte alphanumeric characters or double-byte characters before totaling.
Also, special symbols (such as “+”) have been removed from the keywords.
Filtering processSuccessive searches from the same IP are counted as one search.
Log collection restrictionsLogs cannot be collected in the following cases.
If the javascript of the site visitor’s browser is disabled, the site visitor does not send a REFERER, the page without the track word is searched, the search engine cache page is displayed. And the cache page is the page before pasting the track word.
* Approximately 95% or more accesses can be correctly analyzed.
  Search engine cache pages are usually refreshed within a week to a few weeks.

Specifications for displaying keywords on blogs

User supported browserWindows: InternetExplorer 5.01 or later, Netscape 6.1 or later
Mac: InternetExplorer 5.2 or later, Netscape 6.2 or later
Others, such as Opera 8, Safari 2, Firefox 1.0.4 and other modern browsers If
javascript is not turned on, keywords are not displayed.
It does not support InternetExplorer 4.x and Netscape 4.x.
Number of display keywordsDisplay up to 5 search keywords The most
frequently searched keywords are displayed at the top. Keywords will be posted in sequence from the time each page is first searched until the next morning.
Change display designThe display HTML is pasted as it is and the text is dynamically replaced with javascript, so the design can be changed freely.
However, be sure to display the track word image link.

Keyword connection specifications

Keywords to be registeredtrack word The user blog has registered all recently searched keywords.
The blog page is displayed in ranking by keyword.
About the number of starsAs a guideline for the number of searches, the star mark gives a 6-level rating.
It is a numerical value such as Google Page Rank and is only a guideline.
Update timingThe ranking is updated once a day based on the search results up to the previous day.

* Specifications on this page are subject to change without notice.