What is a “track word”?

“Trackword” is an access analysis and access improvement tool that anyone with a blog can use for free.
Check what keywords your blog is searching for
, improve the number of visitors, and aim to be a blog that is easy for “searchers”.

Three functions that can be used with Trackword

Access analysis specialized for search keywords

You can analyze what keywords are used to search by keyword or page .

Access up effect

On each page where Trackword is installed, the search keywords of that page are displayed in order of popularity .

Affiliate effective when used in combination with "Raku Ward"

Using the affiliate support service “Raku-Word”, you can automatically display products that attract visitors’ interest based on the analysis results.

Free registration to use all features

“Access analysis specialized for search keywords”

My page is ” colored leaves information from often being searched in”,
“in the title autumn colors information Let’s put the”!
” Autumn leaves information Kyoto but many people are searching in the” Kyoto of it is
because nothing to do with my article, you write that in Kyoto in a separate article.

The keywords searched on each page of the blog
are analyzed by keyword and page, so you can see at a glance which keywords are on each page.
Based on the results of this analysis, identify the required keywords and those that are not, and consider the appropriate title and text.

Access up effect

On each page of your blog, we list the keywords most recently searched by that page in order of popularity.
The style sheet of the blog is applied, so there is no loss of design.

Also, because it links to the ranking page and keyword page of TrackWord, you can connect with other blogs written with the same keyword and at the same time, the
number of visitors to your blog may increase.

Affiliate effective when used in combination with “Raku Ward”

Since it can be linked with the keyword of the track word
, the perfect Rakuten affiliate will be displayed in the blog article !
looking forward to writing a blog every day, because writing a blog makes it easy to earn pocket money !

By using TrackWord and the affiliate support service “RakuWord” together
, based on the keyword analysis results, the products that visitors are interested in are automatically displayed on each page more effectively than the usual content match type advertisement. You can.

* It is also possible to create a banner by specifying a keyword.
* Registration to the “Rakuten Affiliate” is required to use the “Raku Ward” to earn affiliate income.

It will be displayed with the specified affiliate ID embedded, so it is
an opportunity to easily earn affiliate income just by writing a blog .